Mathematical modelling of hydraulic conditions of balancing and control of heating, cooling and dehumidification subsystem in ventilation and air conditioning systems

Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology

The goal of these investigations is modeling of processes and studying of influence of quantitative characteristics and parameters in heating and cooling subsystem of ventilation and air conditioning systems at balancing this subsystem by means of various balancing valves and control of three-running valve. 

Balancing and management processes are considered on an example of the binding water air-heater of ventilation and air conditioning system. Besides, influence of various regime parameters on considered balancing characteristics is studied, as that: difference of pressure in a network of a heat supply, the pressure created by the pump, their parity, various water temperatures, the modes leading to self-oscillations. 

Result of work is reception of balancing and adjusting characteristics of a considered subsystem in most general view under various working conditions and their further analysis.