Hybrid simulation in hydrotechnical facilities design and FLOW-3D as a tool its realization

Hydraulic engineering

Hydraulic phenomena on hydraulic facilities are in most cases unique; therefore their modeling become more difficult. Hybrid simulation is one of the ways to solve the problem. It combines physical and computational modeling.

The article gives examples carried out in JSC The B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG of hybrid modeling. Using the com-mercial CFD solution – FLOW-3D ® as a numerical simulation tool for the design Hydro power plant spillways is shown.

Testing of the software complex FLOW-3D ® was carried out for both the laboratory and for field studies. Comparisons of numerical results to laboratory and field studies are well agreed. Using the САВ solution FLOW-3D ® eliminates the emerging scale effects and it determines the numbers of parameters are not available for physical modeling.

Creating design methodology based on hybrid modeling of hydrotechnical facilities will simplify to make decisions at the early design stages.