Finite element modelling of open section perforated thin-walled studs made from thin-walled steel profiles

Structural mechanics

The share of constructions made from thin-walled steel profiles grows in Russia every year, however the standard base and quality of calculations remain at low level. However nowadays there is an active scientific work on designing and improving methods of calculations, introduction of new ideas and aspects and their automation.

The purpose of the work is the further development of a theoretical and practical component of numerical methods for the solution of problems of linear deformation of thin-walled profiles. Article is devoted to research of work of thin-walled profiles, applying methods of the numerical analysis. In the work deformations and forms of buckling of an open section perforated thin-walled stud, calculated by a method of finite elements are considered. The obtained data is compared with results of tests of the same profiles made in Dortmund technical university in 2009 under the direction of professor Diter Ungerman.

The research has shown that finite element method gives us probable results and shows an expected tendency. The difference in results is 10,2 %.