Substantive provisions of Numeral-analytical boundary elements method

Structural mechanics

Substantive propositions of the new method of design calculation, that got the name "Numeral-analytical of boundary elements method", offered by authors, are brought. A method consists of development of the fundamental system of decisions (analytically) and Green functions (also analytically) for every examined task.

For the account of certain border terms, or terms of contact between the separate modules (the separate element of the system is so named) the small system of linear algebraic equalizations, that must be decided numeral, is made.

Discretisation only of border of the area occupied by an object, sharply diminishes the order of the system of resolvent equalizations; there is possibility of decline of regularity of the decided task. A method is strictly reasonable mathematically, as uses the fundamental decisions of differential equalizations, and, means, within the framework of the accepted hypotheses allows to get the exact meaning of parameters of task (efforts, moving, tensions, currents, frequencies of eigentones, critical forces of loss of stability et cetera) into an area.

Simplicity of logic of algorithm, good convergence of decision, high stability and small accumulation of errors at numeral operations, are marked also.