Simulation of calendar planning in Building information modelling programms and regression detailing of construction period rules

Technology and organization of construction

Nowadays, the process of architectural and designing software improving is developing in the direction of integration of its parts in the unified system. But the principles of Russian norms are so, that they complicate scheduling in this kind of software.

The methodology of an economic estimation of the whole building at any moment of its designing on the basis of platform Revit use is offered in the article.

The essence of this method is the next: using regression dependences, it is possible to define durations of basis cycles of works by specifying the cost and a necessary stage of creation for the each projected constructive element. Return recalculation allows to define the modified absolute durations of basis cycles of works. As a result, designers will have a constant tool of decision-making, allowing carrying out monitoring during the whole design stage.

The offered methodology is described on an example of organizational designing of residential buildings.