The formula of double-glazed window in high-rise buildings

Structural mechanics

The purpose of this article is to adapt the method of glass unit calculating taking into account shortterm loads during installation and construction loads occurring during the operation of the building. Considering the fact that nowadays Russian standards are going to be harmonized with European, in this methodology the rules applicable in the European Union and adapted to Russian climate has been used.

The offered technique allows to take into account in the calculations not only the glass unit wind load, but also climatic and temperature effects for site-specific installation of window unit. The calculations indicate the necessity of using this technique, especially for high-rise buildings. The calculation allows to receive the most accurate formula for the glass, to calculate not only the thickness of the external and internal glass pack, but also the distance between glasses, which had not previously been practiced.

This article shows an example of the glass pack calculation for a specific building, which height is 81 m.