Foam concrete of certain average density for thermal insulation of attic floors

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

Energy efficiency of building depends on several factors, including the summary heat losses through the building envelope – walls, windows, attic and basement floors. The leakage of heat through the attic overlap is 10-20%, depending on the number of floors of building. An additional factor, confirming the relevance of the reduction of heat loss through the attic floor, is the problem of the icicles on the roofs.

Studies have shown that the most economical and durable insulation, applied to the attic ceilings, is a monolithic foam concrete with natural hardening.

For producing foam concrete with required physical and mechanical properties we have developed a calculation-experimental method. This method is based on the manufacturing sequence of eight operations.

The developed technique allows to receive foam concrete with natural hardening with a high accuracy with given density in the interval 100-190 kg/m3.