Analysis of the effect of elastic deformation of the mast on the positioning of antenna and radar equipment

Structural mechanics

The influence of the eccentricity and the position of the load on the radar mast is studied. The mast is a statically determinate truss, consisting of three identical plane trusses connected to the regular truncated pyramid. Vertical truss is divided into n zones of equal height. The load is reduced to the nodes of the upper boom of the mast. The analytical solution for the forces in the spatial truss rods for an arbitrary number of horizontal contours, and the expression for the deflection under the assumption that the angles of deviation from the vertical of struts are small, are given. The resulting approximate and exact analytical solutions for the deflection under the action of horizontal load allow optimization of the construction. One of the possibilities for optimization is the redistribution of the material between the elements of the construction. An analytical solution of this problem is found. The inductive method with the support of a computer algebra system Maple is used.