Bitumen-rubber mixture for effective vibration damping sheet

Building Materials

The results of researches of a bitumen-rubber mixture design for the damping sheet are presented. Application of vibration damping sheet in thin-walled construction designs allows reducing negative vibrations considerably. Existent bituminous and bituminous-rubber materials have insufficient vibration damping in the range of negative temperatures that is inadmissible in Russian climate conditions. Selection of structure bitumen-rubber mixture and regularity establishment of its properties will allow receiving a material with a wide temperature range of application. As an object of research there was chosen the polymeric matrix representing a mix of two materials – butyl rubber and bitumen, plasticized by industrial oil I-20A; the filler – swept of MTD-2 brands. The dependence of physical and mechanical properties of a material on the contents of bitumenbutyl rubber in a mix was established. The material based on the received mixture has effective vibration damping in the range of temperatures from -40 to +40 °C.