Influence of the shape on aerodynamic characteristics of girder bridges

Engineering and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

For accurate calculation of wind loads and prevention of aeroelastic superstructure vibrations it is necessary to research aerodynamic characteristics (ADF) of both particular designed bridges and typical superstructure sections. The analysis of information on the issue showed that the impact of the crosssectional shape on ADF of a bridge needs additional research. The object of the study was typical cross-sections of girder bridge superstructures. The research program included a wind tunnel and numerical calculations of the flow over 30 standard configurations in laminar and turbulent wind flows. The research resulted into the development of the database of aerodynamic data for estimating wind loads and effects (divergence, flutter, vortex excitation of oscillations, galloping) on girder bridge spans, and for specifying standards allowing for the cross-sectional shape of the structure.