The selection and use method of sandy ground compaction

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

The article presents the research results on the choice of a method and main parameters of the deep vibrating compaction of sandy fill soil in foundations and practical experience data on large-scale testing of their main provisions in the natural environment. The main factor when choosing a method of the deep vibrating compaction of sandy soils is accepted by the author as a value of the dynamic vibration exposure required to achieve a given depth of the foundation compaction. The approbation of the choice of the method and the main parameters of the deep foundation compaction using shaker of longitudinal vibration with spatial seal was made by field tests on compaction of a powerful 9-meter soil layer of the sand dam body at the base of a high-speed road, and at other facilities. These data practical experience indicate a significant compaction of the sandy grounds with an effective method developed by the author to the relative density mainly corresponding to the dense composition.