Energy efficiency of the Rural Wall multi-layer structure in lowrise building design

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

This paper presents the study on energy efficiency of various wall design solutions and a new multi-layer wall design for low-rise construction as well as the thermovision results for multi-layer and single-layer envelopes. Indoor climate parameters for various wall design solutions were determined. The study reveals the optimal wall design solutions and specifies the theoretical assessment of their energy efficiency in compliance with Russia's national building code 23-02-2003. The paper presents calculations of building heat loss through the exterior building envelope, reduced thermal resistance of walls and total heat loss of the building with the selected outer wall design during the heating season. Recommendations on the application of the new multi-layer wall design using local wall materials in the construction of energy-efficient low-rise buildings were developed. The recommendations include requirements for wall materials, for thermal calculations , production guidelines, physical and mechanical properties of wall layers.