Evaluation of installation efforts in metal coatings, allowing for assembly process

Structural mechanics

This article gives an account and analysis of the accuracy of assembly variations in the parameters of the stress-strain state - according to values of assembly (initial) efforts. Deviations are determined by the position of nodes and rods in space relative to their design values. The article considers two technological schemes of the dome cover assembly - from the edge to the center and from the center to the edge. . The accuracy calculation was made with the author's developed computing system "Dimensional analysis of rod structures" . Parameters of the stress-strain state of the dome cover, allowing for the accumulation of assembly deviations, were estimated using the computer complex SCAD. The results of the calculation effort in the shell, taking into account possible assembly deviations, are presented in the form of histograms; and deviations in the nodes and rods are presented in a tabular form. The data on the assembly effort and the deviations are given for individual items. The author suggests constructive solutions for joining rods and installation method for coatings, which are aimed at increasing their load-bearing capacity, longevity and assemblability.