The strength of the polymer composite (fiberglass) with interlaminar shear

Building Materials

 Multilayered fiberglasses are the first practically used fibrous composites. The ultimate interlaminar shear strength is one of the key parameters that is necessary to calculate constructions made of laminated composites. This paper presents the test of multilayer fiberglass exemplars for ultimate interlaminar shear strength carried out by means of the Short Beam Shear test. The research of the influence of the distance between pillars on a value of ultimate interlaminar shear strength is presented. Tests have been conducted using an Instron 596 testing machine with the aid of the equipment for a threepoint bend and a digital USB microscope of DigiMicro 2.0 for tracking and fixation of the moment of emergence in exemplars of the interlaminar shear cracks. The work results in the feasibility assessment of Short Beam Shear test to define ultimate interlaminar shear strength.