Analysis of normal operation of a rockfill dam with combination of seepage-control elements: reinforced concrete face and clay-cement-concrete wall

Hydraulic engineering

The paper considers results of stress-strain state analysis for a 87 m high rockfill dam that is located in the layer of soil foundation and has a combined seepage-control element. In the lower part of the dam as well as in its foundation there is fixed a grout curtain by using slurry trench cut-off walls, and in the upper part there is fixed a reinforced concrete face. The wall and the face are conjugated via the reinforced concrete gallery. Analyses showed that both seepage-control elements have a favorable stress-strain state: no tensile stresses occur in them. In the considered dam the reinforced concrete face operates in more favorable conditions than in a traditional dam with a reinforced concrete face. This allows recommending this type of the dam for practical application in hydraulic engineering. The alternative is proposed with the design of conjugation of a reinforced concrete face and a seepage-control wall.