Behaviour of load-carrying members of velodromes’ long-span steel roof

Building constructions, buildings and structures

 Long-span roofs have been of an increased interest within the last sixty years. An archtype steel roof of velodrome with the maximum span, height, and length equal to 109.50, 23.07, and 126.00 m respectively, is considered as the object of the current investigation. The choice of the preferable structural solution and behaviour analysis of load-carrying members of the long-span arch-type steel roof of the velodrome is considered as the aim of the current study. The distribution of internal forces and stresses in the trihedral lattice steel arch with a triangular web such as displacements under the action of design loads were investigated for fixed, double-hinged, and three-hinged static schemes. It was stated that the preferable structural scheme is the fixed arch.