Organo-mineral additives based on oil and gas complex waste to building materials

Building Materials

The use of waste and products of their utilization as secondary raw materials is promising and rational way for their disposal. The addition of waste to mixtures provides either highquality products or improvement some of the physical and mechanical characteristics. Organo-mineral additives are produced by oil-contaminated waste and spent sorbents utilization meet environmental safety requirements and are suitable for use as an additive in building materials, for example, expanded clay and asphalt mixtures. The aim of the paper is to develop technology for producing organo-mineral additives that is aimed at the elimination of environmental pollution with wastes, their involvement into resource circulation and ensures rational nature management with reducing the consumption of reagents and receiving high quality ecologically safety products. It is established the minimum necessary quantity of quicklime (calcium oxide reagent) required to transfer viscous sludge in bulk and obtain organo-mineral additives. In order to achieve the most important technical parameters of building materials in particular expanded clay – a bulk density and strength, it is used various additives. Application of the complex additives can increase the swelling clay factor up to 3 times and get the required strength of concrete block with less energy consumption, which significantly reduces the cost of the products. It is carried out the research to develop formulations of puddle clay with organo-mineral additives and choose burning conditions for preparing expanded clay. It's established the optimal temperatures and a thermal presintering for producing products that meet the requirements of the standards, with minimal energy consumption. The impact of the percentage of organo-mineral additive on the coefficient of clay swelling is determined. In the process of burning poor swelling clay with using organo-mineral additive at temperature 1050 °C constructive quality factor is increased by 70–97 % in comparison with the expanded clay obtained from raw materials without additives. Proposed technology for production of expanded clay with organo-mineral additives allows getting high-quality environmentally friendly products and disposing in its composition oil and gasing complex waste, involving them into resource management, and satisfies best available techniques due to encouraging re-use of waste.