Design features of facade cassettes from thin ceramics

Building constructions, buildings and structures

Thin ceramic plates are a promising material for architectural use which has significant potential for the realization of different interior and exterior solutions. The use of thin ceramics as facade cladding requires increased attention to the stress-strain state and the nature of its destruction. The main feature of this construction type is the ability to use facade panels with dimensions reaching 3000 x 1000 mm with a small weight and small thickness (3–5 mm). This research studies stress-strain state parameters of thin ceramic panels by testing on uniformly distributed load, simulating the wind effect on the cassette in conditions of the facade exploitation. As a result of laboratory tests obtained the dependence of the plate deflection on the action of a uniformly distributed load and identified convergence with the results of similar experimental work and theoretical studies. Also in this research was studied the work of facade structural sealants as part of facade structures: evaluated the effect of profile color, reinforcing mesh of plate and preliminary surface preparation with a primer on the adhesion to the cassette elements.