Reliability of scour protection design near the platform "Prirazlomnaja"

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

Results of experimental researches of scour protection for marine ice-resistant platform (MIRP) "Prirazlomnaja" at impact of irregular waves together with a current are presented and analyzed in the article. Experimental researches were executed taking into account maintenance of the basic similarity criterions. In particular, difference of density of sea water in natural conditions and density of fresh water in modelling conditions was taking into account at physical modelling. The various directions of irregular waves relatively MIRP and various combinations of simultaneous impact of waves and currents were considered at carrying out of experimental researches. On the basis of the natural data and the results of experimental researches safety criteria for scour protection of MIRP "Prirazlomnaja" containing 4 diagnostic parameters and their critical levels (warning and ultimate) were proposed.