Purification of hot water by zeolite modified with manganese dioxide

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

A new material is proposed for complex purification of hot water from iron and hydrogen sulphide – natural zeolite modified by manganese dioxide. It has been shown experimentally that this filtering material has high efficiency of water purification from iron and hydrogen sulphide, low mechanical degradability during operation, as well as low water consumption for washing during regeneration of the filtration media. The complex cleaning of hot water is proposed to carry out by means of two stages: the first – filtration cleaning from insoluble iron compounds with linear water velocity of 10–12 m/h, and the second – oxidation-catalytic purification from hydrogen-sulphide with velocity 1–2 m/h. Regeneration of a filtering material based on a manganese-modified natural zeolite can be carried out by back washing and chemical treatment with an oxidizer solution.