Organizational and technological reliability of the construction process

Technology and organization of construction

Construction projects of buildings and structures, as well as plans of construction and installation works are often subjected to fair criticism from the Pro-producers of the work. Such criticism is that the calculated cost value and long lasting-STI CMP does not take into account the specificity of real contractors. To address these criticisms and proposals were developed for the assessment of such intensity values of SMR production, which most realistically take into account the actual conditions of construction and Contracting organization. The application of the classical methods of probability theory simplifies the procedure of collecting background information and in some cases allows you to use the results of the numerical experiment. Computational procedures require special training and is easily amenable to automation (programming). The result of the research represents the author's method of estimating the quantitative strength value of organizational and technological reliability with regard to construction, manual processes, and technological solutions providing leading mechanization, subject to the calculation of the intensity of works as the sum of labor productivity of employed workers.