Wooden beams with reinforcement along a curvilinear trajectory

Building constructions, buildings and structures

The article is devoted to the investigation of a new type of reinforcement of wooden beams for floors and coatings with using steel cable reinforcement located in a solid wood along a curved S-shaped trajectory. The basic principles of a new type of reinforcement are set up. The schemes of various reinforcement paths are given. Mathematical models of studied structures are formed. The stress-strain state of several beams with different variants of reinforcing paths in the working environment of the software complex SCAD, which calculates the beams studied by the finite element method, has been studied. The results of the work are presented in the form of indicators of deflections of beams and isopoles of stresses. A comparative analysis of the studied structures with non-reinforced beams and the traditional reinforcement method is carried out. Conclusions are made about the increase in the strength characteristics of the beams, in which the steel cable armature is used. The optimal trajectory path for the reinforcement groove is selected. The competitive advantages and prospects of using a new type of reinforcement are determined.