Fireproof suspended ceilings with high fire resistance limits

Fire safety in construction

Suspended ceiling is an effective way to fire protection of horizontal structures with steel beams due to its lightness, reliability and functionality. Three designs of fireproof suspended ceiling with silicate plates on cement binder are considered. A detailed description of the tested structures is given. Experiments were carried out to determine the fire resistance of the samples. The results of fire tests on suspended ceilings under standard fire temperature regime are presented in this study. It was found that the structures that have shown their effectiveness under the standard regime cannot satisfy the conditions of the hydrocarbon temperature regime. For the purpose of efficiency in the hydrocarbon regime and isolating the beams from the fire, in addition to fire-retardant plates, non-combustible heat insulation was used in the construction of the ceiling. The results of testing the ceiling with fire-retardant plates and rock wool when creating a hydrocarbon fire regime are given. It is shown that at the end of the fire exposure, the limiting state of the loss of bearing capacity and the loss of integrity was not fixed, visible changes during the test period was not found.