Numerical modeling of nonlinear hydrodynamics of the coastal areas

Hydraulic engineering

The nearshore hydrodynamic fields are produced by the nonlinear interactions of the shoaling waves of different time scales and currents. To simulate the wind wave propagated to the coasts, wave generated nearshore currents, nonlinear-dispersive wave transformation and wave diffraction in interaction with coastal and port structure, sediment transport and coastal erosion, the chains of the models should be used. The objective of the paper is to provide an overview of the results of the application of the model chains for the assessment of the wave impacts on new port designed at the Ob lip, Kara Sea to demonstrate needs for further development of the nonlinear models for the coastal engineering applications. The open source models WaveWatch III and SWAN has been used to simulate wave statistics of the dedicated areas of the studied coastal areas in high resolution to calculate the statistical parameters of the extreme wave approaching coastal zone construction in accordance with coastal engineering standards.