Clay-cement-concrete diaphragm — justifying calculation for new-built constructions

Hydraulic engineering

Due to the observed improvement of machines and mechanisms and the process equipment thereof used during the construction of clay-cement concrete slurry walls by means of bored-secant piles, the author proposes to extend the range of considered designs of impervious elements of embankment dams by adding modifications with an arch diaphragm and an inclined diaphragm. Performed surveys and comparisons with the traditional design (vertical wall) allowed to identify the main trends of the influence of using the effect of clay-cement concrete diaphragms inclination and the arch effect on the change in the strain-stress state of the embankment dam — diaphragm system. Consideration of the clay-cement concrete diaphragm designs proposed by the author in designing embankment dams will allow extending the range of possible application of this technical solution. It was established that there is a possibility to optimize the existing technical solutions for the clay-cement concrete diaphragm embankment dams if they are designed with due consideration of not only the assignment of clay-cement concrete strength and strain-stress properties, but also taking into account the change in configuration of the diaphragm itself.