Optimization of steel beam structures for frame buildings subject to their safety requirements

Building constructions, buildings and structures

A method for finding design solutions for discrete sets of design parameters, including a single two-cycle iterative process, has been developed. The evolutionary procedure is a first cycle. Within the framework of this process, a second recurrent cycle is used to calculate the structure in a static nonlinear arrangement. The coefficients are used for correction of the object loading as part of its static analysis to take into account the dynamic effect. Risk assessment for the structure variant also takes part within the framework of the evolutionary procedure. The proposed algorithm has been developed for the structures of buildings of a higher criticality rating, which will allow to increase the mechanical safety of construction objects with the simultaneous rational saving of material costs. As an example of design, a transformed beam structure, equipped with an adaptation system for beyond design effects, is considered. It is shown that during the synthesis of structures of increased durability, the use of adaptation systems in the form of safety elements has an advantage compared to an ordinary increase of the cross section.