Technical diagnostics of reinforced concrete structures using intelligent systems

Building constructions, buildings and structures

The results of the development of an effective intelligent system for technical diagnostics of reinforced concrete structures are presented. The category of technical condition is the main criterion in deciding on the degree of accident or the need to take measures to bring it to further safe operation of a building construction. For the purposes of this study, an expert system was developed based on the mathematical apparatus of the theory of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic, which can take into account the scatter of individual opinions of experts, significantly reduce the examination time and improve the quality of the diagnostics. A hierarchical structure of the organization of expert knowledge is proposed for assessing the technical condition of building structures taking into account the universality of information and the possibility of its expansion based on ontological analysis. Moreover, a technique was developed for formalizing expert information using membership functions for input and output control parameters. To implement a fuzzy logical inference, an algorithm adapted to the given problem is developed. A computer program has been developed that implements the method of identification of the category of technical condition of building structures on the basis of fuzzy knowledge bases. The results of using this program in a survey of a real industrial building are given. The results of the technical state evaluation examined structure, obtained using the expert system, are confirmed by expert opinions of specialists who did not participate in the creation of the program and have extensive experience in examining the building structures. The present work is motivated by a need to transfer knowledge from the technical books and experienced experts in the domain field of diagnostics of building structures to make that knowledge and expertise available to practicing engineers.