Bearing capacity of eccentrically compressed bisteel columns

Structural mechanics

Article is devoted to calculation the bisteel non-central compressed columns from I-shaped profile. The web of I-shaped profile is made of structural steel, the flanges is made from increased-durability steel. The analytical decision used the system of the equations was applied. Also, physical tests of prototypes on the prof. Korobov’s testing machine were carried out. Loading is applied eccentrically to a steel plate, the hinge support applied to the lower plate, plates are fixed by screws from rotational translations. Displacements on axes are measured in the plane of the section in middle of rack and also occurs tilt angles. Calculation in ANSYS software taking into account physical and geometrical nonlinearity is carried out. It is established that analytical calculation gives the results close to experimental values (the maximum divergence of 15 %), the configuration of schedule of ANSYS simulation results repeats the schedule of experience data, and a divergence of results is insignificant (to 9 %).