Nanomodified rejuvenators and protective materials for asphalt concrete

Building Materials

One of the effective methods to prevent the destruction of asphalt concrete pavement is to treat it with protective and rejuvenator materials. This study is aimed at developing an effective composition of the protective material. The proposed method for studying the effect of modification according to the results of rheological tests allows us to determine the conditional elastic modulus of the structured liquids. The influence of the degree of modification on the content of oil-polymer resins in the bitumen binder was evaluated using the developed quality criterion considering the modifier content contribution. We selected a solvent that provides effective dispersion and stability of the resulting suspension. The studied nanomodifier in the composition rejuvenator material had an impact on the properties of asphalt concrete increasing its crack resistance by 49 %, water resistance by 11 %, and shear adhesion by 6.1 %.