Performance improvement model of cement pavement in seasonal-frost regions

Engineering and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

The paper evaluates the performance improvement of cement pavement in seasonal frost regions. The typical diseases of cement concrete pavements in seasonal frost regions are proposed through the analysis of measured data, and the influence factors of pavement performance mutation value in those regions is determined. The application conditions of the model are obtained by the response surface test method; the road performance improvement model is established by the regression analysis method. The goodness-of-fit and significance state of the model were tested, while the validity of the model was verified by comparing it with the evaluation results of the existing model. The results identified the typical diseases of cement concrete pavement in seasonal frost regions: broken slabs, staggered platforms, cracks, exposed aggregates, broken corners and potholes. The mutation value of pavement performance is most sensitive to the impact of road damage index, running quality index and anti-skid performance index before pre-maintenance, that is under pre-curing conditions. The evaluation effect of the model for improving the performance of cement concrete pavement in seasonal frost regions is good, and the interpretable part of the improvement by the model is 99.2 %; the fit of the improved evaluation value and the measured value is 0.991, and the model is high fitting. The evaluation effect of the proposed model is better than the existing model, and the determination of the model is of great significance to the pre-maintenance of cement concrete pavement.