Fracture characteristics of high-performance concrete using nano-silica

Building Materials

High-performance concrete (HPC) using nano-silica (NS) has higher mechanical properties and durability than conventional concrete. The highly active silica ultrafine particles have improved the performance of HPC significantly. The fracture characteristics of HPC are also enhanced when using NS due to the improved quality of C-S-H gels and the interface transition zone between mortar and aggregate. The influence of NS on fracture characteristics of HPC is considered in the study as a basis for the effective application of HPC in the structure of buildings. The paper assesses the influence of NS on the strength and fracture characteristics of HPC. HPC mixes were produced by replacing Portland cement with NS at 0.5 % and 1.5 %. The fracture testing for HPC using NS was carried out based on the three-point bending test of beams with the notch. The result is the load-crack mouth opening displacement relationship curves (P-CMOD) and load-deflection (P-). Finally, fracture parameters and characteristics of HPC using NS are analyzed and calculated from the P-CMOD and P- relationship curves.