Spatial analysis methodologies using multicriteria evaluation approaches

Гидравлика и инженерная гидрология

Water needs for human and agricultural consumption have increased due to an increase in population and human activities. Identifying potential rainwater harvesting sites (RWHS) is an important step towards maximizing water availability for agriculture and other uses. The selection of suitable sites using computational techniques presents a great challenge, so the present study aimed to examine from a critical approach the different approaches reported, as well as the theoretical references of the topic addressed. Computational spatial analysis methodologies were analyzed using multicriteria evaluation (MCDA) approaches as well as computational technologies such as AHP and WLC supported by GIS). As a result of the study carried out, it was concluded that the identification of areas suitable for certain RWH techniques using improved geomatics techniques remains one of the important purposes of development and research. In addition, the MCDA -GIS combination has the potential to provide a rational, objective and non-biased approach to decision-making in locating potential sites for dam construction.