The dependence of the gathering characteristics of nanocarbon cement on the parameters of its production process

Строительные изделия и конструкционные материалы

The article covers issues connected to the justification of the relationship between gathering characteristics of structure-modified materials and parameters of technological processes connected to the materials’ production. On the basis of preliminary analysis of experimental data, the procedure has been proposed for formation of analytical dependence of weight gain values for carbon nanotubes and nanofibres on cement particles (with the use of gas-phase synthesis applied to carbon nanostructures) on time parameters of reduction of iron oxide and synthesis of nanostructures directly on the matrix surface. As a base of the mentioned-above dependence, it has been proposed to use a superposition of two components: the linear component defined by the reduction parameter and a logistic component defined by the synthesis parameter. It has been proposed to use optimization modeling tools for the determination of parameters of analytical dependence. On the basis of the results of the procedure, the conclusion has been made about the adequacy of the obtained results and, as a sequence, high practical importance of the proposed analytical dependence. As part of the further stage of the research, it is planned to carry out laboratory experiments and form the corresponding analytical dependences to assess the effect of synthesis modes on the characteristics of the resulting product for alternative matrix cement materials, such as sulfate-resistant cement, magnesia, slag Portland cement, alumina, pozzolanic.