Different types of basalt fibers for disperse reinforcing of fine-grained concrete

Строительные изделия и конструкционные материалы

The paper concentrates on the experimental research of basalt fibers presented at Russian market with eight samples of fibers selected for this research. Five of them are chopped basalt roving (manufactured by LUKE, Rusbazalt Inc, Kamenny Vek Ltd, Armastek), one of them is chopped polymer-basalt wire (manufactured by SK Ltd), two of them are basalt microfibers (manufactured by NTC of Applied Nanotechnologies Inc.). Each of the fibers was added to fine-grained concrete at concentrations of 0.25 vol.-%, 0.5 vol.-%, and 1 vol.-%. Changes in density, compressive strength, and flexural strength were investigated. The density of fine-grained concrete increased proportionally to the quantity of chopped basalt roving. Concrete’s density decreased proportionally with the fiber percentage when using chopped polymer-basalt wire and basalt microfiber. The highest compression strength enhancement (9.8 %) of fine-grained concrete was achieved when using fibers manufactured by SK Ltd and Kamenny Vek Ltd. The highest flexural strength enhancement was achieved when using polymer-basalt fiber manufactured by SK LLC (68.6 %) and modified basalt microfiber manufactured by NTC of Applied Nanotechnologies Inc (52.9 %).