Belite-containing clinkers from phosphoric slags for refractory materials

Строительные изделия и конструкционные материалы

The article studies the possibility of using phosphoric slag (PS) to obtain stabilized belite clinkers. It is shown that granulated PS as a silica-containing component of a cement raw mixture meets the demand of wide and effective use of production wastes. The complexity of using raw materials is increased with the use of carbide residue in the mixture that is a by-product of the synthetic rubber plant. The experimental data were obtained by chemical, optical, X-ray and thermal analysis methods. Chemical and mineralogical composition and materials properties have been studied before and after heat-treating. The optimal composition of belite clinkers has been selected. The physical and technical parameters of clinkers have been determined. A method for producing refractory products from belite-containing materials has been developed. Mathematical models to determine technological parameters for the refractory products manufacturing based on belite-containing clinkers have been composed.