Elastic-plastic deformation of a round plate reinforced with stiffeners

Строительная механика

The present paper studies the stress-strain state of a round reinforced with stiffeners plate of elastic-plastic material carried out of a refined theory of the type by S.P. Timoshenko It is believed that plate vibrations are excited by a pulsed load. The relationship between displacement and deformation is assumed to be geometrically non-linear. The plate consists of sheathing and rib reinforcement of a quadrangular cross section. The lining materials of the reinforcing ribs are considered identical and obeying Hooke's law. The cross sections of the ribs are constant and are independent of the radial coordinate. The height of the ribs and their locations are set using a single column function. The number of methods of finite differences the solution to the problem. In this case, deformations, forces, moments, and transverse forces are determined at the centers of the grid elements, and displacement and rotation angles are determined at the grid nodes. Given the location of the ribs, the deflection of the central point and the force calculated, depend on the radial co-ordinate and time. Particularly, it was found that the smallest deflection of the central point is achieved when the rib is located in the middle of the radius of the plate; the location of the ribs near the edge of the plate can lead to a decrease in the load-bearing capacity of the structure compared to an un-reinforced plate.