Non-combustible composite materials for fire curtains: thermal analysis and microscopy

Строительные изделия и конструкционные материалы

Fire protection systems are used to prevent fires and the spread of combustion products from one room to another. The systems include screens, curtains, drapes, etc. The article is devoted to the study of fire resistance and thermoanalytical properties of non-combustible materials used in passive fire protection system. Samples based on silica mat (No. 1); ultrafine basalt fiber (No. 2); quartz aerogel (No. 3), and ceramic mat (No. 4) were studied. Sample No. 1 was covered with carbon impregnated fabric. Samples No. 2, 3, 4 were covered with silica fabric with vermiculite coating. During standard fire test, all samples showed fire resistance limit (FRL) E 60. In terms of thermal insulation capacity, sample No. 2 turned out to be the best with the FRL I 30. Thermoanalytical study showed that the maximum weight loss (12.7 %) was recorded in sample No. 1. The minimum weight loss (0.823 %) was recorded in sample No. 2 in a nitrogen atmosphere. Thus, the material filled with ultrafine basalt fiber showed the best results, and it is recommended to be used as part of fire barriers to create fire-resistant casings, covers and fire-resistant curtains.