The strength of short compressed concrete elements in a fiberglass shell

Строительные изделия и конструкционные материалы

Experimental studies of short axially compressed cylindric elements with various indirect concrete reinforcements – fiberglass shells, steel spirals, and the joint use of these two types of reinforcement – have been carried out. The results of the experiments performed confirm the positive effect of both the outer fiberglass shell and spiral reinforcement on the strength of such elements. The highest strength was achieved with the simultaneous use of both types of indirect reinforcement. The presence of two types of indirect reinforcement significantly increased the deformability of the compressed elements under study. The maximum recorded values of the longitudinal deformations of shortening of such samples amounted to about 1.7 %. Such a high deformability of the compressed elements will allow to use high – strength longitudinal reinforcement efficiently in them. We list the main premises and dependencies of the method of deformational calculation of the strength of compressed concrete structures with indirect reinforcements. A performed comparison of the calculation results with experimental data indicates that the proposed method is perfectly suitable for practical use.