Heat protective properties of enclosure structure from thin-wall profiles with foamed concrete

Энергоэффективность, энергосбережение, возобновляемая энергетика

Receiving the qualitative, energy efficient and economic building is the main tendency in the civil engineering. One of the leading places is occupied by technology of frame-panel construction with use of new non-autoclaved, monolithic foamed concrete technology producing on a building site. On the example of the real samples there were determined the heat-shielding properties of foamed concrete in a condition of setting process and after attainment of strength with a practical and theoretical methods. The results were obtained for a non-autoclaved monolithic foamed concrete wall fragment (lightweight steel concrete structure – LSCS) for the areas with and without rigid reinforcement with steel thin-wall profiles (lightweight gauge steel structure – LGSS). Influence of the thermal bypass on cold-resisting properties of enclosure structures with technology “Intech LB” is revealed. On the basis of the received results, modernization of a design for improvement of its thermotechnical characteristics is made.