Detection and prediction of weak points of a frozen wall based on grey theory

Строительная механика

The purpose of this article is to use theoretical analysis to determine the cause of an artificial frozen wall not closing. Due to the influence of the energy difference received by each freezing apparatus, groundwater flow, freezing hole spacing and other factors, their heat transfer with the surrounding soil layer has limited efficiency. Theoretical calculations and engineering examples are compared to verify the validity of the theoretical model. According to the longitudinal temperature measurement of the temperature measuring hole and the freezing apparatus, the whole field monitoring theory based on grey correlation method is proposed. Through the calculation of the hole-to-hole correlation degree to evaluate and predict the working effect of each freezing apparatus, it is determined that the freezing pipes No. 7~9 and No. 18~22 are the weak parts of the freezing wall. Therefore, the grey correlation analysis was compared and analyzed in the case of the "window" accident of the frozen wall of the shaft, which verified the practicability of the theory.