Model of identification and prediction of building design defects on the basis of its inspection results

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

Known methods of definition the reasons of building designs damages not to the full consider possibilities of expert estimations of their inspection results. In these methods forecasting of the defects reasons of buildings and structures in the future intervals of time is not provided, and also difficult algorithms of the logic analysis of the experimental and expert data that complicates its practical realization are used. The urgency of the offered approach consists in expansion of the problems solved at research of a condition of building designs and creation of effective procedures of work with indistinct knowledge bases.

The work purpose is decrease in level of uncertainty at identification and forecasting of defects of building designs. The purpose is reached by application of the device of fuzzy logic at the joint analysis of the expert aprioristic information and results of current tool control of a condition of buildings and constructions. It is offered to estimate possibility of detection of defects of certain types in the future intervals of time by means of the indistinct conclusions, the developed algorithms received at use and settlement procedures.

The offered approach has passed settlement approbation with reference to logic processing of the indistinct information on occurrence and development in time of cracks of building designs and has shown the working capacity. On the basis of these results conclusions are drawn on area and conditions of application of the developed algorithms and model.