Contents and structure

Content and structure of the article

Magazine of Civil Engineering publishes original, previously unpublished articles containing new scientific results obtained by the authors, representing international interest. 

Topics covered by the journal:

  • Building constructions, buildings and structures;
  • Soils and foundations, underground structures;
  • Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting;
  • Water supply, sewerage, construction systems of water resources protection;
  • Constructional products and materials;
  • Hydraulic engineering;
  • Design and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels;
  • Hydraulics and engineering hydrology;
  • Structural mechanics;
  • Fire safety in construction.

Following paragraphs are required for the original research article according to the international standard IMRAD:

  1. Introduction begins with the description of the research object. Then the study relevance and background based on the literature review are formulated. Recommendations on the literature list copilation you can find here. Then the section presents research mpotivation and the formulation of the research goal, which contains a list of tasks to be solved, as a conclusion from the literature review.
  2. Methods describes in detail the selected research method. The method should be defined in such a way that another researcher could reproduce it and get similar results.
  3. Results and Discussion should preferably be presented in the form of tables, graphs and other figures. This section includes the results themselves and their analysis, their interpretation, comparison with the results of other authors.
  4. Conclusion summarizes the results of scientific research. The section contains a numbered list briefly summarizing the main scientific results of the article. Conclusions should be logically in accordance with the tasks at the beginning of the article.
  5. Acknowledgments. This section is optional, it expresses gratitude for the financial, information and other support provided during the writing of the article.

The following components of the article are uploaded to the e-submission system separately:

Formating guidelines for the article are listed here.