Analysis of mathematical expectations of the cracks parameters from the degree of element deterioration based on historical data processingabout similar objects

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

Technical survey of the real estate object may be carried out for its cost evaluating or for the defining necessity of repair. During the inspection special attention is paid to cracks that are important destructive defects of structural elements. The article includes a short description of the cracks formation and material destruction processes with specifying the main theories and formulas of the fracture mechanics. The mathematical expectations of the crack parameters were deducted. These dependencies are inserted into a system of building technical condition graphic models and embedded in a methodical complex of object technical condition evaluation taking into account visualization of defects. Such parameters of building quality as operational reliability and environmental safety are assessed by degree of fracturing factor. This factor displays not only the relative area of cracks in the walls but also the operational quality of the building in the following way: the fracturing factor indicates the degree of constructions resistance to such harmful micro-organisms like mold and fungi, which provoke damage to structures, impair indoor climate of rooms and cause building occupants diseases. The technical condition and estimated cost of structures physical deterioration removal are represented by the buildings structural elements circle chart.