Vibration tests on fragments of monolithic building until destruction

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The full-scale vibration testing of buildings plays an important role in the development of monolithic construction. This article describes the methodology and results of tests carried out in Chisinau. For full-scale tests two six-floor fragments of monolithic constructions in industrial solid tile formwork on foundation plates 9840x14600x400 mm in size were built. The purpose of the tests was to determine the influence of structural systems on technological joints, the specifics of the contour and field reinforcement, as well as the development of analytical method for calculating strength of monolithic walls of buildings taking into account the seismic effect. Both pieces were destroyed. The destruction reached the 4-th level. At this stage, the tests were stopped and the both fragments had been consolidated using polymeric compositions. This experiment allowed to specify the calculation models of the monolithic constructions and to test earlier developed analytical methodology, to calculate the seismic impact, to validate experimentally the effectiveness of the various systems of reinforced solid walls, to monitor changes in their dynamic characteristics in the process of plastic deformations and damages in constructions development. The results of the described vibration test of the monolithic parts in conjunction with stand static tests of monolithic walls were used in the formulation of construction standards for cast-in-place construction of the Republic of Moldova.