Determining the rational technological parameters of heatresistant concrete produced with sodium silicate binder

Building Materials

Heat-resistant concrete is one of the most effective refractory materials. Using such concrete reduces the time of construction by 3-4 times, it decreases the labor costs during the construction of thermal units by 2-3 times, increases the working life of the thermal unit and, therefore, reduces the costs of maintenance and major repairs. This paper deals with heat-resistant concrete based on a sodium-silicate composite binder, regarded as an alternative to refractory concrete based on liquid glass. It brings the results of comprehensive research on the selection of rational technological modes of preparation, molding and thermal treatment of refractory concrete composite on sodium-silicate binder. In particular, the method of preparing the concrete mix is chosen. The author sets the method and mode of formation of products and determines the regime of concrete thermal treatment. These results were approbated in a plant of CJSC "Experimental Research and Production Enterprise". The approbation results showed the high techno-economic efficiency of the developed heatresistant concrete on composite sodium silicate binder.