Dry mixes containing local materials of Penza region

Building Materials

One of the ways to get the active mineral admixtures for dry mixes is kaolin clay baking at temperature of 600-800°С. The reason for application such an additive is that among all modern minerals the most reaction-active towards a lime is metakaolinite. Possibility of application of mixed-layer clays of the Penza region as a structuring additive in lime dry mixes is considered. Differential-thermal analysis of kaolinite clays from various deposits was carried out. The structure of sand-lime specimens was being studied by method of X-ray phase analysis. Efficiency of application of clay that was baked at temperature of 400-500°С is shown. It is indicated that introduction of the clay burned at temperature of 400-550°С in number 10% from mass of a lime promotes durability increase in compression that is 17,85-63%, as a function of technology, temperature of baking and a type of clay.