High-strength fiber concrete for industrial and civil construction

Building Materials

The issue of using steelfiber for dispersed reinforce of fine-grained concrete is considered in the article. Research of steelfiber concrete patterns based on cement and compositional astringent material was held. The fine-grained cement and the binder with low water demand were used as the main binder. It is established that the application of composite binder and high density packing of the grains raises much the durability indicators. Algorithm and program for composition calculation of fine-grained steel fiber concrete based on technogenic sands enriched with Tavolzhan sands, that allow to get more compact packing of elongated pieces are developed. Optimal selection of filling material allowed to receive fiber concrete based on technogenic sand of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly with ultimate compressive strength equalled to 104,8 MPa, and with ultimate flexural strength 23,2 MPa for flexible structures.