Application of nonlinear deformation model for the analysis of behavior of reinforced plates on elastic foundation, interacting with chloride-containing environments. The basic relations

Engineering and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

In transport construction the reinforced structures such as heavy-wall and thin-wall slabs and plates on elastic foundation are widely used. The design model of slab (plate) on elastic foundation is used for calculating road pavements, slabs for reinforcing fill slopes, bridge decks and other structures. The constructing a deformation model of the reinforced plate interacting with a chloride-containing environments, based on the Vlasov-Leontiev elastic base is considered. The method based on the theory of structure parameters is used. The model of the structure is represented as symbiosis of models. A system of resolving equations of the model is given. The article is the first part of the research. In the second part the numerical results obtained in the software developed by authors will be given.