Temperature reduction during brucite-based magnesia cement production

Building Materials

The article considers the problem of reducing the energy consumption during the production process of magnesia cement based on brucite admixed with serpentine, because this solid requires roasting at high temperatures (1100–1200°C). It was demonstrated that the most effective way to increase the energy efficiency of the technology is to use additives, so that roasting intensifiers. We investigated the effect of various additives and intensifiers to reduce the roasting temperature of serpentinized brucite material. We found that the most effective additives are those, destabilizing a crystal lattice of roasted solid and simultaneously producing the hot melt during their dehydration. It was shown that the highest temperature can be reduced by 100–300°C without increasing the heat treatment time. We also estimated the quality of magnesia cement obtained by the developed method and confirmed its compliance with all relevant regulations.