Settlement and experimental control of energy saving for buildings

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

This paper is devoted to the solution of an actual problem — energy saving and increase of energy efficiency of buildings. The express method of settlement and experimental control of energy saving on the basis of the specific characteristic of thermal energy consumption for heating and ventilation was developed. Advantage of the method is that it allows assessing the efficiency of a complex of energy saving actions without measurements of summary solar radiation under the valid conditions of overcast and domestic thermal emissions at comparable to GOST 31168 accuracy of results. On the basis of the developed method assessment of efficiency of a complex of the energy saving actions realized in an operated multicompartment residential building was made. Based on the results of the conducted pilot researches it was established that the specified building met the requirements for energy saving according to the SNIP 23-02, a class of energy saving for the building was C (normal). Method was tested on the results of the pilot studies executed for the same building in accordance with GOST 31168. Approbation confirmed the reliability of the results received by an offered method. The method can be used during the monitoring of energy consumption and the energy audit of buildings.